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General Faculty Council

The General Faculty Council (GFC) is comprised of faculty representatives elected by Weill Cornell Medicine’s academic departments, as well as faculty members elected to represent key affiliated organizations, such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Hospital for Special Surgery. Non-voting members of the GFC include representatives from every administrative area of the institution.

The GFC, together with the Executive Faculty Council, has the duty to determine the entrance requirements for students; to prescribe and define courses of study for them; to determine the requirements for such degrees as are offered to students; to recommend to the Board of Overseers and university president candidates for degrees who have fulfilled the requirements therefore; to enact and enforce rules for the guidance and supervision of students in their academic work; and in general to exercise jurisdiction over the academic interests of students and all other educational matters at Weill Cornell Medicine.

The faculty councils also are key components in the flow of information between the faculty and the administration. Members of the two councils have the responsibility to bring information and concerns forward from their constituencies, as well as to serve as an information resource on policy and procedural questions emanating from the administration through the council review and approval process. In addition to the general review conducted by the full council, each council has from time to time established topic-specific committees to address key areas of concern to their membership.

The faculty councils may be reached through the Weill Cornell Office of the Secretary by email to or by phone at (212) 746-6010.

PDF icon General Faculty Council Bylaws

General Faculty Council Meeting Dates 2020-2021

General Faculty Council Committees

Leadership Group List: 

General Faculty Council 2020-2021

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Szilárd Kiss, M.D.
  • GFC Chair
  • Ophthalmology Rep.
Steven Gross, Ph.D.
  • GFC Vice Chair
  • Research Rep. - Pharmacology
Michele Fuortes, M.D., Ph.D.
  • GFC Secretary
  • Research Rep. - Cell & Developmental Biology
Alexis Halpern, M.D.
  • GFC Secretary
  • Emergency Medicine Rep.
A. Arkhavan
Ardavan Akhavan, M.D.
  • Urology Rep.
alan astrow
Alan Bennett Astrow, M.D.
  • Area Affiliate Rep. - NYP/Brooklyn Methodist
Daniel Barone, M.D.
  • Neurology Rep.
nicholas brady
Nicholas Brady, PhD
  • Postdoctoral Associate Rep.
kristy brown
Kristy A. Brown, Ph.D.
  • Research Rep. - Molecular Biology
Maria A. Bustillo, M.D.
  • Anesthesiology (Mid-Late Career Rep.)
Eugene Cha, M.D.
  • MSKCC Rep.
amy chadburn
Amy Chadburn, M.D.
  • Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Rep.
Manjil Chatterji, MD
  • Radiology (Imaging-Research) Rep.
carl crawford
Carl V. Crawford
  • Medicine 5 Rep.
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Carla Angela H. Evangelista, M.D.
  • Area Affiliate Rep. - Lincoln
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David R. Fernandez, M.D.
  • HSS Rep.
Alexis J. Feuer, M.D.
  • Pediatrics (Early Career Rep.)
Richard R. Furman, M.D.
Richard R. Furman, M.D.
  • Medicine 2 (Hematology/Oncology)
michael glass
Michael Glass, Ph.D.
  • Research Rep. - Neuroscience
bernice grafstein
Bernice Grafstein, Ph.D.
  • Physiology & Biophysics Rep.
Zachary Grinspan, M.D.
Zachary Grinspan, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Population Health Sciences Rep.
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Mingming Hao, Ph.D.
  • Biochemistry Rep.
Yelena Havryliuk, M.D.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Rep.
erin iannacone
Erin Iannacone, M.D.
  • Cardiothoracic Surgery Rep.
ashutosh kacker
Ashutosh Kacker, M.D.
  • Otolaryngology Rep.
joseph lane
Joseph Lane, M.D.
  • Orthopaedic Surgery Rep.
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Elena Lister, M.D.
  • Vol. Faculty Rep. - Psychiatry
Justin Mohatt, M.D.
  • Psychiatry 1
john moore
John P. Moore, Ph.D.
  • Microbiology and Immunology Rep.
s muk
Sushmita Mukherjee, Ph.D.
  • Research Rep. - Biochemistry
John Ng, M.D.
  • Radiation Oncology Rep.
susan pannullo
Susan Pannullo, M.D.
  • Neurological Surgery Rep.
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Elena Piskounova, Ph.D.
  • Dermatology Rep.
Mirella Salvatore
Mirella Salvatore, M.D.
  • Medicine 4 Rep.
Photo: Dr. Susan Samuels
Susan Samuels, M.D.
  • Psychiatry 2
simon scheuring
Simon Scheuring, Ph.D.
  • Research Rep. - Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology
Marc Schiffman
Marc Schiffman, M.D.
  • Radiology (Procedural) Rep.
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Manish Sharma, D.O.
  • Area Affiliate Rep. - NYP/Queens
Manu Sharma
Manu Sharma, Ph.D.
  • Feil Family Brain & Mind Institute Rep.
Jason A. Spector, M.D.
Jason A. Spector, M.D.
  • Surgery Rep.
katie stiles
Katie Stiles, Ph.D.
  • Genetic Medicine Rep.
Judy Tung
Judy Tung, M.D.
  • Med 1 (General Medicine Plus)
Meredith Turetz
Meredith Turetz, M.D.
  • Medicine 3 Rep.
Zachary Adam Turnbull, M.D.
  • Anesthesiology (Early Career Rep.)
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Gil Weitzman, M.D.
  • Medicine (Vol. Faculty Rep)
Katherine Yao, M.D.
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Rep.
Vivien Yap
Vivien Yap, M.D.
  • Pediatrics (Mid-to late Career Rep)

GFC Senior Councilors

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Patrick Flynn, M.D.
Alan M. Weinstein, M.D.
Mukesh Prasad, M.D., FACS