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Dean Choi


Weill Cornell Medicine strives for excellence via its tripartite mission of education, research and high-quality patient care. This mission resonates not only with faculty, staff and students, but most especially with the Medical College’s leadership, whose expertise in their respective fields combine to shape our institution.

Board of Overseers

The Weill Cornell Medicine Board of Overseers has authority vested under the "Resolution Regarding Governance" approved by the Board of Trustees of Cornell University.

The Board of Overseers has responsibility for the general supervision of Weill Cornell Medicine’s programs and operations. Among other responsibilities, the Board oversees academic, financial and other program planning; approves domestic and global affiliations; oversees all clinical, research and administrative facilities; and approves faculty appointments to tenure and endowed professorships.

Faculty Councils

Weill Cornell Medicine has two faculty governance bodies as provided for in the University Bylaws. These faculty councils exercise jurisdiction over the academic interests of students and all other educational matters at the medical college.