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Entrepreneurship and innovation enable Weill Cornell Medicine to bring discoveries to patients faster.

Weill Cornell Medicine investigators enjoy a robust pipeline of dedicated programs capable of taking early discoveries made in academic labs to U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved testing in clinical trials. Other new initiatives are designed to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and to build the next generation of leaders in life sciences industries and new ventures. 


Dean's Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Academic Drug Development Highlights Weill Cornell Medicine’s Expanding Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

n June, the institution launched Weill Cornell Medicine Enterprise Innovation, a new entity designed to accelerate the best of biomedical innovation to market, translating groundbreaking research into

Dr. Katherine Saunders Wins Inaugural Women at Weill Investment Competition

The inaugural Women at Weill investment competition recently selected Intellihealth, a comprehensive medical obesity treatment platform co-founded by Dr. Katherine Saunders.

Dean’s Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Academic Drug Development Spotlights Environment of Innovation, Collaboration at Weill Cornell Medicine

Dr. Jyotishman Pathak is a researcher who jokingly says that he’s “still learning to fake business” after launching a new company in 2019. New to the business world, he’s already a success.

Digital Domains: Apps, Video Games and Other Media are Filling Gaps in Mental Healthcare

Apps, video games and other media are filling gaps in mental healthcare.
Views on Innovation
Dr. Augustine M.K. Choi, the Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean
We have recently implemented many initiatives to help our faculty translate their research findings into innovative treatments and therapies for our patients.
Dr. Katherine Hajjar, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty
Support from the Daedalus Fund for Innovation is essential, because the usual funding agencies do not support this kind of high-risk applied research.
Dr. William Povino, CEO of Bridge Medicines
Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute and Bridge Medicines put the skill of a pharmaceutical company on the campuses of three great institutions.
Larry Schlossman, Managing Director of BioPharma Alliances and Research Collaborations
We have a fully integrated entrepreneurship ecosystem here. And we really work as a team to help faculty decide what is the best path forward for their project.