Mentor offering assistance
Weill Cornell Medicine is fostering a vibrant and dynamic culture of mentorship to nurture the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Mentorship is critical in science and medicine, as it strengthens the pipeline of talent across our mission to care, discover and teach. Weill Cornell Medicine aims to lead the way in mentorship by creating an environment in which faculty, students and trainees have the opportunity to be both mentors and mentees.


Healthcare Leadership Fellows Program Has Built “Leaders of Tomorrow” for More than a Decade

The program has prepared Weill Cornell Medicine faculty members to grow into institutional leaders.

Making the Most of Mentorship

At Weill Cornell Medicine’s Center for Global Health, the spirit of mentorship has thrived for four generations.

No One is an Island: Finding Success in Medicine

Focus on your top priorities, build a community of support around you and empower others to also succeed, said Dr. Carol R. Bradford, dean of The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Inaugural Mastercard Pilot Grant Program Recipients Selected

Five Weill Cornell Medicine faculty members have been awarded research funding from the Pilot Grant Program of the Mastercard Diversity-Mentorship Collaborative at Weill Cornell Medicine.
Views on Mentorship
Dr. McGinty
Dr. Geraldine McGinty, Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Mentorship and sponsorship are vital to help upcoming leaders see their path. It’s the mentality of, ‘If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.
Dr. Katherine Hajjar, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty
We are very interested in building a culture of mentorship throughout Weill Cornell Medicine at all levels.
Dr. Daniel Fitzgerald, Director of the Center for Global Health
We really have a dream team of young faculty members here, and we have an amazing opportunity to foster them and help them grow to their fullest potential.
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Jessica Bibliowicz, Chair of the Board of Fellows
We profoundly believe in the power of mentorship to nurture the next generation of leaders in science and medicine, helping them reach new professional heights.