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Weill Cornell Medicine strives for excellence via its tripartite mission of education, research and high-quality patient care. This mission resonates not only with faculty, staff and students, but most especially with the Medical College’s leadership, whose expertise in their respective fields combine to shape our institution.

Board of Fellows

The Weill Cornell Medicine Board of Fellows has authority vested under the "Resolution Regarding Governance" approved by the Board of Trustees of Cornell University.

The Board of Fellows has responsibility for the general supervision of Weill Cornell Medicine’s programs and operations. Among other responsibilities, the Board oversees academic, financial and other program planning; approves domestic and global affiliations; oversees all clinical, research and administrative facilities; and approves faculty appointments to tenure and endowed professorships.

Dean's Council

The mission of the Dean’s Council is to advance the goals of research, teaching and patient care at Weill Cornell Medicine. Members provide major, ongoing support to the institution and serve as its ambassadors in the philanthropic community.

Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean Weill Cornell Medical College 

  • Augustine M.K. Choi, MD 

Founding Dean

  • Antonio M. Gotto, Jr, MD, DPhil*(F)


  • Sanford B. Ehrenkranz (F)
  • Leonard M. Harlan (F) 

Executive Committee

  • Mitchell Blutt, MD (F) 
  • Gail P. Cohen (F)
  • Debra Gelband 
  • Kenneth Landis
  • Sorrell Mathes
  • Dennis B. Poster
  • Daisy M. Soros (F)
  • Michael J. Wolk, MD 

Founding Chairs

  • Sanford B. Ehrenkranz (F)
  • Leonard M. Harlan (F)
  • Daisy M. Soros (F)

Council Members

  • Diane and Arthur Abbey 
  • Pamela and Richard Ader 
  • Christine and Max G. Ansbacher
  • Kathleen and Frank Argenbright
  • James Bartlett
  • Jane and Alan Batkin
  • Norman S. Benzaquen
  • Nancy Blank
  • Margo Krody Blutt (F)
  • Azucena Camelo-Basin
  • David M. Cohen (F)
  • Leslie Cornfeld 
  • Phyllis and Jeffrey E. Cole 
  • Judith-Ann Corrente
    • and Willem Kooyker
  • Ravenel Curry
  • Judy and Aaron Daniels 
  • Theresa and Charles Davidson
  • Florence A. Davis
  • Tina and James Deutsch
  • Marcia and Alan Docter
  • Althea Duersten
  • Joseph Edelman
    • and Susan Lebovitz-Edelman
    • Nikki and Justin Ehrlich
  • Barbara and Norman Eig
  • Lisa and Stephen Eisenstein 
  • Curran and Jonathan Estreich 
  • Marilyn and Michael Fedak, MD 
  • Barry Feirstein 
  • Luisa Fernholz, PhD
    • and Robert Fernholz, PhD
  • Irene Shonberg Fisher 
    • and Barry Fisher
  • Barbara Gallay
  • Anita C. Garoppolo 
  • Cynthia and Richard Gay (F)
  • Buzzy Geduld
  • Michael Gelband 
  • Richard Gilbert 
  • Joan B. Gossner
  • Anita Gotto* (F)
  • Max Greenberg
  • Kathleen Hale
  • Lynne and Mark Hammerschlag
  • Fleur Harlan (F)
  • Henry “Buddy” and Christine Haunss 
  • Lesley and Michael Heller
  • Janet and Arthur Hershaft
  • Barbara and Kenneth A. Horowitz
  • Susanne and Steven Hurowitz
  • Judith and Thomas Iovino
  • Ala and Ralph Isham
  • Rory and David Jones
  • Melissa Kaish and Jonathan Dorfman
  • Pamela J. Keld 
  • Denise and Michael Kellen (F)
  • Rene Kern
  • Breanna and John Khoury
  • Shelly and Howard Kivell, MD
  • Susan and Robert Klein
  • Polly and Frank Lagemann
  • Sheri Warshaw and Michael Lowenstein
  • Rosalind Landis
  • Karen and Allan Levine
  • Susan Lynch
  • Tattin Lyon
  • Susan and Morris Mark 
  • Barbara Mathes 
  • Jennifer Bayer Michaels
  • Victoria Moran-Furman
  • Robin Heller Moss
  • Judy and Jim O’Brien
  • Sara Padob
  • Betty and Bruce Polansky
  • Bonnie and William M. Pope, Jr 
  • Susan Porter
  • Amanda and Jason Redlus
  • Pamela and George Rohr** 
  • Lisa and Michael Rome
  • Lenore Ruben
  • Anne and Hollis Russell
  • Suzanne and Bill Sales 
  • Pamela and Arthur Sanders
  • Charu and Adarsh Sarma
  • Sara and Axel Schupf
  • Jenna and Paul Segal 
  • Beverly and Arthur Shorin
  • Julie A. and M. Steven Silbermann 
  • Mary and Alok Singh
  • Sara Solomon
  • Marjorie and Michael Stern
  • Jayme and Ronald P. Stewart**
  • Caroline and Peter Striano
  • Karen Su, MD ’97 
    • and Edwin Su, MD ‘97 
  • Nicki and Harold Tanner (F) 
  • Christina and Donald Truesdale 
  • Andrea and Adam Usdan
  • Julia Merck and Hans Utsch
  • Barbara van Beuren
    • and Stephen Glascock
  • Yuan Wang and Tao Li
  • Sandra and Stanford Warshawsky 
  • Susan Waterfall
  • Essie Weingarten
    • and Massimo Sortino
  • Suzanne Weiss
  • Mindy and Greg White
  • Deedee and Barrie Wigmore
  • Susan and Benjamin Winter
  • Judith and Harold Winters
  • Abby Wolk, PhD 
  • Dale and Rafael Zaklad 
  • Judy Francis Zankel

*Life Member 

**Former Executive Committee Member

(F) Weill Cornell Board of Fellows Member 

Listing as of November 2021

Faculty Councils

Weill Cornell Medicine has two faculty governance bodies as provided for in the University Bylaws. These faculty councils exercise jurisdiction over the academic interests of students and all other educational matters at the medical college.