The Radiology Department is made up of a world-renowned faculty dedicated to delivering superb clinical care, performing ground-breaking research and educating students, residents and fellows. Radiologists provide diagnostic imaging services in a safe, comfortable environment using modern equipment. Researchers delve into topics such as validating imaging risk assessment tools and understanding normal and abnormal biology and physiology. Medical students can find a variety of educational offerings, which will help them gain experience in a full range of imaging studies and interventions. 


Psychedelic Drugs Flatten the Brain’s Dynamic Landscape

October 3, 2022

The psychedelic drugs LSD and psilocybin activate serotonin receptors on brain cells in a way that reduces the energy needed for the brain to switch between different activity...
Structural and Functional Alignment in the Brain Linked to Age, Sex and Cognition

August 16, 2021

The degree to which the brain’s wiring aligns with its patterns of activity can vary with sex and age, and may be genetic, suggests a study published by Weill Cornell Medicine...
Dr. Geraldine McGinty Appointed Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs

August 10, 2021

Dr. Geraldine McGinty, an esteemed clinical operations strategist, administrator and radiologist, has been appointed senior associate dean for clinical affairs at Weill Cornell...