Center for Global Health

The Center for Global Health addresses health problems that transcend national boundaries through an approach that includes service, training and research. The center is based in the Department of Medicine, where much of the basic research and student education takes place, but it also has international programs in Haiti, Brazil, Tanzania, India, and Qatar, where clinicians and investigators treat patients and conduct clinical research. Global health training is offered in the classroom, laboratory and field. Faculty and students from backgrounds in medicine, nutrition, agriculture, veterinary, social and basic life sciences come together through this program to solve global health problems.


Commentary: Global Oncology Achievements Should Be Considered for Academic Promotion

May 2, 2019

The work of global oncologists – whose insights and innovations reduce the burden of cancer around the world – has demonstrated value that academic medical leadership should...
Coordinated Action Needed to Fix the Gender Gap in Global Health Leadership, Study Says

March 1, 2019

Despite comprising up to 80 percent of global health faculty members and workers, women hold only a fraction of global health leadership roles.
Study Reveals How Malaria Parasites Prepare for Transmission

September 25, 2017

The complex life cycle of the parasite that causes malaria has made it a difficult foe to beat. But new insights on how the parasite is transmitted from humans to the mosquitoes...