Physiology and Biophysics

The Physiology and Biophysics Department seeks to explain the functions of the human body’s building blocks: cells, tissues and organs. Faculty focuses on several areas of research, such as uncovering receptors that make cell function and intercellular communication possible in the brain and throughout the body. The department’s graduate program prepares students in some of the most advanced modes of biomedical research through specialized courses and seminars. 


Scientists Build the First Global Database and Roadmap for CAR Therapy Clinical Trials

January 6, 2020

Weill Cornell Medicine scientists have built the first global database of clinical trials testing a rapidly expanding approach to cancer treatment that involves genetically...
Dr. Simon Scheuring Wins $6 Million NIH Director’s Pioneer Award

September 30, 2019

Dr. Simon Scheuring, a professor of physiology and biophysics in anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medicine has been awarded a prestigious National Institutes of Health Director’s...
Heavenly Bodies: NASA’s Famed Twins Study has Begun to Yield Results

September 25, 2019

After extensive data gathering and analysis—plus a worldwide media Frenzy—NASA’s famed Twins Study has begun to yield results.