The Pharmacology Department is a premiere program in biomedical research, focusing on understanding how drugs and chemicals modify biological systems. Faculty carry out research in diverse areas such as cancer pharmacology, and develops new drugs to treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s and autism. The department furthers the education of students through its top-ranked Ph.D. program in Pharmacology, which offers students access to outstanding faculty to build their research careers.


NSF Awards Grant for Evolution-inspired Design of Therapeutic RNAs

March 19, 2024

A team led by Dr. Samie Jaffrey, the Greenberg-Starr Professor of Pharmacology at Weill Cornell Medicine, has been awarded a three-year, $1.65 million grant for RNA research under...
Finding a Novel Approach to Treating Kidney Disease

March 8, 2024

A new study found that retinoic acid receptors (RARa) in the proximal tubules of the kidney play a crucial role in limiting the damaging effects of kidney injury that often lead...
Discovery Reveals Lipid-Signaling Microdomains in Cells

December 14, 2023

Important signaling molecules called phospholipids are active throughout cells in small compartments called condensates, rather than functioning primarily in cell membranes as...