The Infectious Diseases Division conducts HIV/AIDS research and cares for HIV-infected people in the outpatient Center for Special Studies. The Cornell HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (CCTV) conducts translational and clinical research. The CCTV has conducted landmark studies resulting in effective therapies for HIV, including AZT, a drug used to delay the development of AIDS, and protease inhibitors. It continues to participate in clinical trials related to HIV-infected women, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) regimens, strategies for the treatment and prevention of HIV using antiretroviral agents, and the prevention of HIV-related complications. Division physicians are also involved in observational studies at the Center for Special Studies, where they’re using more than 10,000 de-identified electronic medical records to study topics such as HIV-related outcomes and racial disparities in healthcare, and anal cancer screening in HIV-infected women.