Hartman Institute for Therapeutic Organ Regeneration

Alan and Kim Hartman

With a generous gift of $10 million from Board of Fellows member Alan Hartman and his wife, Kim, Weill Cornell Medicine has established a multidisciplinary research institute to advance organ regeneration and repair.

The Hartman Institute for Therapeutic Organ Regeneration expands the frontiers of stem cell-based research and organoid development, creating a hub within Weill Cornell Medicine’s Division of Regenerative Medicine that will facilitate collaboration among researchers, clinicians, surgeons and entrepreneurs. Scientists in the division have already devised game-changing technologies to fully realize the promise of tissue-specific organoids for repairing injured and malfunctioning organs – and with the support of the Hartman gift, Weill Cornell Medicine will work to translate those discoveries to patient care.

Priority areas for the Hartman Institute will include gastrointestinal diseases, pulmonary diseases, cardiovascular dysfunction, neurological disorders and stroke, and diseases affecting the metabolic system, with the recruitment of specialists in these disciplines who will engineer organoids for regeneration, with a goal of making this therapy accessible to all patients.

The Hartman Institute is lead by Dr. Shahin Rafii, chief of the Division of Regenerative Medicine in the Joan and Sanford I. Weill Department of Medicine, the Arthur B. Belfer Professor in Genetic Medicine, professor of medicine and of reproductive medicine, and director of the Ansary Stem Cell Institute.

Institute Members

Dr. Shahin Rafii
Director, Hartman Institute for Therapeutic Organ Regeneration
Chief, Division of Regenerative Medicine, Weill Department of Medicine
Director, Ansary Stem Cell Institute
Arthur B. Belfer Professor in Genetic Medicine

Dr. Shuibing Chen
Kilts Family Professor of Surgery
Professor of Chemical Biology in Surgery

Dr. Rebecca Craig-Schapiro
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. Todd Evans
Peter I. Pressman, M.D. Professor in Surgery
Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology in Surgery
Associate Dean, Research

Dr. Raphael Lis
Assistant Professor of Reproductive Medicine in Medicine

Dr. Alex Racanelli
Instructor in Medicine

Dr. David Redmond
Assistant Professor of Computational Biology Research in Medicine

Dr. Ryan Schreiner
Assistant Professor of Regenerative Medicine Research in Medicine

Dr. Qiao J. Zhou
Associate Professor of Regenerative Medicine in Medicine


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