Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute

The Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute (BMRI) advances knowledge in the Neurosciences and aims to understand the underlying mechanisms of brain disease. Patient care is at the center of BMRI’s mission to develop innovative and preventive tools, which offer early detection and intervention. BMRI also conducts bench-to-bedside research to develop and enhance treatments. BMRI’s Neuroscience Training Programs cater to both students pursuing medical training to those pursuing academic careers, with curriculum ranging from addiction to neurovascular biology and stroke.


Gut Instincts: Researchers Discover First Clues on How Gut Health Influences Brain Health

October 23, 2019

New cellular and molecular processes underlying communication between gut microbes and brain cells have been described for the first time by scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine...
We Are Weill Cornell Medicine: Dr. Babacar Cisse

March 23, 2018

Dr. Babacar Cisse immigrated to the United States from Senegal with just $26 in his pocket and a lesson from his parents to always give back. Now a neurosurgeon, Dr. Cisse heeds...
Cells of the Immune System Implicated in High Blood Pressure-Related Dementia

November 14, 2016

High blood pressure transforms cells of the immune system that reside around cerebral blood vessels and normally protect the brain into agents of cognitive decline.