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Committee Members

Business and Finance Committee

Timothy O'Neill - ChairLeonard M. Harlan
David Cohen - Vice ChairRobert S. Harrison (XO)
Madelyn Antoncic, PhDAlan Hartman
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)Robert J. Katz
Douglas Braunstein (XO, non-Fellow)Charles R. Lee
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Edwin H. Morgens
Abby Joseph CohenJohn P. Neafsey (non-Fellow)
Alberto CribioreMartha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Joanne DeStefano (XO, non-Fellow)Zev Rosenwaks, MD
Sanford B. EhrenkranzRichard G. Ruben
David R. Fischell, PhDPaul Salvatore
Paul A. GouldDouglas Sieg
Maurice R. GreenbergDavid Wermuth

Clinical Affairs/Physician Organization Committee

Carolyn S. Wiener - ChairLeonard M. Harlan
Caroline Curry - Vice ChairRobert S. Harrison (XO)
Madelyn Antoncic, PhDCharles R. Lee
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)Thomas H. Lee, MD
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Ronay Menschel
J. Thomas Clark (non-Fellow)Edward Meyer
David CohenMargaret Osmer-McQuade
Ellen DavisNancy C. Paduano
Robert S. DowMartha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Sanford B. EhrenkranzGene Resnick, MD
Kenneth C. FrazierNan Swid
Paul A. GouldSamuel O. Thier, MD
Rubén King-ShawDavid Wermuth

Development Committee

Jeffrey J. Feil – Co-Chair Barbara Friedman
Sanford Weill - Co-ChairAntonio M. Gotto, Jr., MD, DPhil
Robert J. Appel (XO) – Chair Emeritus Maurice Greenberg (XO)
Madelyn Antoncic, PhDRobert S. Harrison (XO)
Ajay BangaAlan Hartman
Robert A. BelferJohn A. Kanas
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)Ronay Menschel
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Martha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Ellen DavisTimothy O'Neill
Robert DowLori Schreiber
Sanford EhrenkranzDaisy M. Soros
Israel A. EnglanderAndrew Tisch

Executive Committee

Jessica Bibliowicz – ChairRobert S. Harrison (XO)
Robert J. AppelEdwin H. Morgens
Robert A. BelferTimothy O'Neill
Mitchell Blutt, MDMartha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Bruce Ratner
Jeffrey J. FeilRichard Ruben
Barbara B. FriedmanAndrew Tisch
Richard GaySanford I. Weill
Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., MD, DPhilCarolyn Wiener
Maurice R. Greenberg

External Relations Committee

Andrew H. Tisch – ChairRubén King-Shaw, Jr.
Ronay Menschel - Vice ChairCharles R. Lee
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)Martha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Jeremy ChangPaul Salvatore
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Martin Scheinman (XO, non-Fellow)
Richard C. GayDouglas Sieg
Joseph Habboushe, MDIan Smith
Robert S. Harrison (XO)Anne Williams-Isom
Robert J. Katz

International Affairs

Barbara Friedman – ChairJoseph Habboushe, MD
Chelsea V. Clinton – Vice ChairRobert S. Harrison (XO)
Madelyn Antoncic, PhDMargaret Osmer-McQuade
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)Martha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Jeremy ChangZev Rosenwaks, MD
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Daisy Soros
Ira DrukierDexter Sun, MD, PhD
Anne E. EstabrookAndrew Tisch
Antonio M. Gotto, Jr., MD, DPhilJonathan Zhu (non-Fellow)

Membership & Governance

Richard Ruben - ChairBarbara B. Friedman
Barry Wolf - Vice ChairRichard C. Gay
Robert AppelAntonio M. Gotto, Jr., MD, DPhil
Jessica M. Bibliowicz (XO)Robert S. Harrison (XO)
Lloyd C. BlankfeinMartha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Andrew Tisch
Ellen Davis

Real Estate, Renovation and Facilities Planning Committee

Bruce C. Ratner – ChairAnne E. Estabrook
Jeffrey J. Feil – Vice ChairCharlotte M. Ford
Richard Ruben – Vice ChairRobert S. Harrison (XO)
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)Howard P. Milstein
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Martha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Joanne DeStefano (XO, non-Fellow)Dale Rosenthal (XO, non-Fellow)
Ira Drukier

Committee on Research & Entrepreneurship

Alan Hartman - ChairEmmanuel Giannelis (XO, non-Fellow)
Ellen Davis - Vice ChairLeonard M. Harlan
Madelyn Antoncic, PhDRobert S. Harrison (XO)
Ron BaronBarbara Hempstead, MD, PhD (XO)
Robert A. BelferEvan Katz
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)Michael Kellen
Debra BlackEdward Meyer
Mitchell Blutt, MDMartha E. Pollack (XO)
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Stanley B. Prusiner, MD
Alberto CribioreGene Resnick, MD
Caroline CurryZev Rosenwaks, MD
David R. Fischell, PhDLewis Sanders
Silvia Formenti, MDIgor Tulchinsky
Barbara FriedmanCarolyn S. Wiener

Student Affairs & Education Committee

Sanford B. Ehrenkranz – ChairBarbara Hempstead, MD, PhD (XO)
Robert Dow - Vice ChairLawrence A. Inra, MD (non-Fellow)
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)John A. Kanas
Jeremy ChangEvan Katz
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Shari R. Midoneck, MD (non-Fellow)
Barbara B. FriedmanMartha E. Pollack, PhD (XO)
Richard C. GayGene Resnick, MD
Jeffrey W. GreenbergZev Rosenwaks, MD
Joseph Habboushe, MDDavid A. Shapiro, MD (non-Fellow)
Robert Hariri, MD, PhDDexter Sun, MD, PhD
Robert S. Harrison (XO)Anne Williams-Isom
Catherine Hart, MD (non-Fellow)

Special Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Mitchell Blutt, MD - Co-ChairRubén King-Shaw, Jr.
Richard C. Gay - Co-ChairRonay Menschel
Ajay BangaLori Schreiber
Jessica Bibliowicz (XO)Dexter Sun, MD, PhD
Jeremy ChangAnne Williams-Isom
Augustine M.K. Choi, MD (XO)Barry Wolf
Caroline Curry

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