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Recent Event: November 25, 2014

The Weill Cornell Music and Medicine Orchestra Presented:
A Fall Concert

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Mendelssohn - The Hebrides
Joseph Achron - Hebrew Melody
Jeno Hubay - Hejre Kati
Haydn - Symphony No. 99

Music and Medicine Orchestra
Yuga Cohler, conductor
Ittai Shapira, violin soloist

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he Music and Medicine Initiative

Medical students typically excel in science, but many are also gifted in music. The Weill Cornell Medical College family includes musicians with a wide range of experiences, from serious amateurs to conservatory-trained professionals. All share a passionate pursuit of the expression of beauty and perfection through music.

Musicians may turn to a career in medicine for a variety of reasons. But once medical students, they often find that their passion for musical exploration seamlessly translates into the pursuit of medical knowledge. These students begin to think of their medical training as another form of art.

With this in mind, the Music and Medicine Initiative at Weill Cornell Medical College—spearheaded by David A. Shapiro, MD, and Richard Kogan, MD, and supported by a generous gift from the Block Family Foundation—allows medical students to continue to enjoy their musical life. The program emphasizes continued academic excellence with the added opportunity for students to practice music as a balance to a busy academic life.

Supporting the Student Musician

The Music and Medicine Initiative provides medical students with the resources necessary to continue their exploration in music, including:

  • • Musical and medical mentors
  • • Collaborators
  • • Performance opportunities
  • • Rehearsal space and equipment

Current videos


August 2, 2013
Music (and Musicians) Everywhere
In addition to the therapeutic benefits music provides, music also brings joy to the maker. (Perhaps that’s why music is “played”?) Just ask a few of the MSKCC employees who consider their time well spent when they join with colleagues from MSKCC and other area medical institutions to play and sing with the Music and Medicine Orchestra and Chorus.
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August 2, 2013
The Practice of More than One Art
The Weill Cornell Music and Medicine Initiative
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October 2, 2012
City Doctors Form New Music and Medicine Chorus and Orchestra
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October 1, 2012
Unique Orchestra Marries Music, Medicine For A Clinic's Benefit
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On Music and Medicine:
A Performance by
L'Ensemble Médical

Dr. Richard Kogan explores the connection between the mental illness and the creative genius of classical composers.

March 19, 2011
The Mind and Music of George Gershwin
Washington Psychiatric Society

Musical Groups

There are a number of active musical groups for interested students to participate in, including:

  • • Tri-Institutional Orchestra composed of WCMC students, NYP employees, and Rockefeller personal
  • • WCMC Chamber Music Society including piano trios, string quartets, and duos of all kinds, as well as vocalists
  • • Weill Cornell Jazz Ensemble, which plays at hospital and Medical College functions
  • • The AneuRhythms, an A Cappella group composed of students and faculty who give lively performances at events throughout the year

Music as Medicine

Through Weill Cornell’s affiliation with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, the students and faculty of the Music and Medicine Initiative are developing partnerships to integrate music into medical practice. Our students have performed for patients and families in:

  • • Monthly hospital mini-concerts at NYP
  • • Caregivers Concert at the Ronald Perelman Heart Center
  • • Performances for patients undergoing treatment at the Infusion Center

Music in the Community

Bringing music to the Weill Cornell and New York City is a vital part of our mission. Events have included:

  • • Orchestral benefit concerts for Weill Cornell Community Clinic, for Weill Cornell for Human Rights, and for The Center for the Performing Artist
  • • Weill Cornell ceremonies, including graduation at Carnegie Hall
  • • Chamber music concerts for hospital employees
  • • Coffeehouse events for the Weill Cornell student body

Student Outreach

The Music and Medicine Initiative also engages in outreach to the student body at large to increase participation in musical activities by organizing and sponsoring trips to NYC concerts and events. Recent events include:

  • • Lang Lang and the San Diego Symphony at Carnegie Hall
  • Rigoletto and La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera

The Art of Collaboration

In addition to working with medical departments at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College, the Music and Medicine Initiative has built relationships with some of the world's foremost musical institutions, which provide our students with unique opportunities for mentorship, partnership, and growth. In return, we provide specialized medical care to their musicians, notably to members of the Juilliard School and the Metropolitan Opera. Musicians from partner institutions have collaborated with WCMC to shape the Music and Medicine Initiative. Juilliard students often play for patient concerts and orchestra performances at WCMC. The 92nd Street Y provides rehearsal space and additional learning opportunities for WCMC students. We are always seeking new partners to expand our initiative, so please contact us if you have ideas about how Music and Medicine can be a part of your program or organization.

Becoming the Best

Medical college admissions officers compete to recruit the best and brightest applicants. When students are considering a medical school, many factors contribute to their final decision.


Weill Cornell Medical College is fortunate to already have many attractive elements: its location in Manhattan, commonly called the cultural capital of the world; large and diverse faculty, student and patient populations; a Problem-Based Learning curriculum that focuses on student discovery; and one of the country's leading global medicine programs, with a campus in Qatar and a unique education and clinical training program at the Weill Bugando Center in Tanzania.


The Music and Medicine Initiative serves as another factor to attract students who want to pursue a career in medicine but do not want to sacrifice their love of music. While the Medical College will continue to attract the brightest and most intellectually curious students, the Music and Medicine Initiative seeks to attract musically creative applicants, who can matriculate knowing that their interest in music will be supported throughout their academic career at Weill Cornell.


An Investment in Creativity

Weill Cornell's Music and Medicine program is an entirely privately funded initiative undertaken by our faculty and students. We believe strongly that the program will enhance the medical college experience for our students, and that it will also be of great benefit to the Weill Cornell community at large.


Music and Medicine relies on the generosity of friends and patrons to underwrite its programs and mission. Involvement is possible at various levels, and every dollar raised is directed to the program and its success.


For more information on how you can become involved, or to learn how you can support this important program, please contact David A. Shapiro, MD, Program Chairman, at (212) 534-3448. You may also contact Weill Cornell Medical College's Office of Development at (646) 962-8720, to make a donation or request more information about supporting this unique program.

Dr. David A Shapiro, Chairman
Dr. Richard Kogan, Vice Chairman and Artistic Director
Dr. Joseph Murray, Academic Coordinator

Advisory Board

Jack D. Barchas, MD
Charles Bardes, MD
Barry Coller, MD
Harvey Klein, MD
Larry Norton, MD
Stephen Paget, MD
Zev Rosenwaks, MD
Thomas Sculco, MD
David Skorton, MD
Michael Stewart, MD, MPH
Hazel Szeto, MD, PhD

Student Committee

Nikkan Das (MS-3)
Tanmoy Das (Master's student)
Amy Kwon (MS-3)
William Maguire (MD-PhD)
Tiffany Peng, M.D. (PGY-1, ENT)
Benjamin Scherban (MS-2)
Mark Sonnick (MS-2)
Michelina Stoddard (MD-PhD)
Ramya Tadipatri (MS-2)
Mike Wei (MS-3)

Friends and Faculty Committee

Robert E. Accordino, MD, MSc
Peter Block, Vice President, Block Family Foundation
Josh Levinger, MD
Laura Liberman, MD
Cantor Joseph Malovany
Ittai Shapira, Violinist, Artistic Consultant
Vincent P. de Luise, MD
Colin and Eric Jacobsen, Artistic Directors, The Knights

For more information about the Music and Medicine Initiative,
please contact Program Coordinator Nancy Amigron, or (646) 962-5441.

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