We Are Weill Cornell Medicine: Dr. Judy Tung
February 24, 2017 Dr. Judy Tung is committed to providing the best patient care, knowing the value of having someone who’s “got your back” when fighting illness.
Studies Linking Brain Hemorrhage and Epilepsy to Stroke Presented at Conference
February 24, 2017 Two Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian investigators gave oral presentations at the International Stroke Conference on Feb. 23.
New Type of Genetic Mutation Identified in Cancer
February 23, 2017 A newly discovered type of genetic mutation that occurs frequently in cancer cells may provide clues about the disease’s origins and offer new therapeutic targets.
Weill Cornell Medicine to Help Plan International Hospital in Shanghai, China
February 16, 2017 Bolstering its commitment to improving human health and increasing access to quality healthcare worldwide, Weill Cornell Medicine has entered into an agreement with Tahoe Investment Group Co. Ltd. to assist in the development of an international hospital in Shanghai, China.
Weill Cornell Medicine Receives Grant to Create Primary Care Rural Residency Program in Ithaca
February 16, 2017 Sometimes, Dr. Michael Berlin, M.D. , bumps into his patients in the supermarket. It’s a perk of...
Scalp Cooling Can Help Some Breast Cancer Patients Retain Hair
February 14, 2017 Scalp cooling can lessen some chemotherapy-induced hair loss – one of the most devastating hallmarks of cancer – in certain breast cancer patients, according to a new multicenter study from UC San Francisco, Weill Cornell Medicine and three other medical centers.
Avoiding Medications that Promote Weight Gain When Managing Obesity
February 13, 2017 While diet, exercise and behavior modification are essential components of obesity management, a successful long-term weight loss strategy should also include avoiding or minimizing medication-related weight gain.
We Are Weill Cornell Medicine: Dr. Christopher Barbieri
February 10, 2017 Dr. Christopher Barbieri was the type of kid who would press every button in the house, much to his parents’ chagrin. Ultimately he learned to put that inquisitiveness to good use as a doctor and scientist, and discovered a new form of prostate cancer.
Weill Cornell Medicine Scientists Seek to Improve Ovarian Cancer Therapies
February 9, 2017 Weill Cornell Medicine investigators have been awarded a one-year, $10,000 grant from Colleen’s Dream Foundation to define the role of a potentially crucial biomarker in the treatment of ovarian cancer tumors.
Collaboration Employs New Strategies to Study the Spread of Cancer
February 9, 2017 Finding new ways to study cancer and how it spreads is the goal of the Center on the Physics of Cancer Metabolism.

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