Administrative Officials

Hunter R. Rawlings, III
Interim President, Cornell University
Augustine M.K. Choi, M.D.
Provost for Medical Affairs; Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean of Weill Cornell Medicine
Gary Koretzky, M.D., Ph.D.
Dean of Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences; Vice Dean (Research)
Javaid I. Sheikh, M.D.
Dean, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
Michael G. Stewart, M.D., M.P.H.
Vice Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College; Chief Medical Officer, Physician Organization; Senior Associate Dean (Clinical Affairs)
Stephen M. Cohen
Executive Vice Provost
Curtis Cole, M.D.
Chief Information Officer
Edward Grab
Chief Operating Officer (Physician Organization)
Barbara Hempstead, M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean (Education)
James R. Kahn, J.D.
Deputy University Counsel and Secretary of the Medical College
Daniel M. Knowles, M.D.
President and Chief Executive Officer, Physician Organization
Larry Schafer
Vice Provost (External Affairs)
Wolfgang Aulitzky, M.D.
Associate Dean (International Medicine and Distance Learning)
Charles L. Bardes, M.D.
Associate Dean (Admissions)
David Christini, Ph.D.
Associate Dean (Program Development, Graduate School)
Oliver T. Fein
Associate Dean (Affiliations)
Scott J. Goldsmith
Associate Dean (Continuing Medical Education)
Linnie M. Golightly, M.D.
Associate Dean (Faculty Diversity)
Julianne Imperato-McGinley, M.D.
Associate Dean (Translational Research)
Yoon Kang, M.D.
Associate Dean (Program Development and Operations of Medical Education)
Sibel A. Klimstra, M.D.
Associate Dean (Academic Affairs)
John P. Leonard, M.D.
Associate Dean (Clinical Research)
Peter Marzuk, M.D.
Associate Dean (Curricular Affairs)
Jane Salmon, M.D.
Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs)
Rache M. Simmons, M.D.
Associate Dean (Faculty Diversity)
Randi Silver, M.D.
Associate Dean (Graduate School)
Stephen J. Thomas, M.D.
Associate Dean (Billing Compliance)
Mary Beth Walsh, M.D.
Associate Dean (The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital)
Dana Zappetti, M.D.
Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Mark A. Albano, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean (Faculty Affairs)
Matthew E. Fink, M.D.
Assistant Dean (Clinical Affairs)
Margaret Polaneczky, M.D.
Assistant Dean (Human Research Compliance)
Adam Stracher, M.D.
Assistant Dean (Clinical Affairs)
Teodora Staeva, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean (Research)
Olaf Andersen, M.D.
Director (Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program)
Thomas Blair
Senior Director (Business Operations)
Adam Cheriff, M.D.
Chief Medical Information Officer
Patrick Gallagher
Managing Director (Human Resources and Housing)
Adam Garriga
Managing Director (Business Systems and Operations)
Dmitri Konon
Senior Director (Capital Planning)
Thomas Lawrence
Senior Director (Risk Management and Insurance)
Michael Murphy
Senior Director (Engineering and Maintenance)
Scott Puccino
Managing Director (Financial Planning and Analysis)
Larry Schlossman
Managing Director (BioPharma Alliances and Research Collaborations)
Joseph E. Schwartz
Carol Storey-Johnson, M.D.
Senior Advisor (Medical Education)
Harold Varmus, M.D.
Senior Advisor

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