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Women's Mental Health Consortium
Welcome to the Women's Mental Health Consortium
We are a network of clinicians and researchers in the New York City area with many different specialties. What we share is a commitment to the mental health needs of women at all stages of their lives..

Physicians and researchers are becoming ever more aware of the unique emotional and psychiatric issues that women face throughout the life cycle. But for many women, reaching out for the help they need – and even knowing where to look - can be a difficult challenge.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for women in the New York City area to make informed choices about their mental health. We provide a centralized resource to help women find practitioners who are best suited to their needs.

Meet Our Healthcare Providers

Today, the WMHC is 150 members strong-and growing. WMHC practitioners help patients address general goals of emotional wellness, and also provide care for specific concerns including infant psychiatry, pregnancy and psychiatric medication, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, gender-related conflicts, and many other issues.

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