An Event to Raise Funds to Support the Weill Cornell Community Clinic

Art Exhibit Catalog — April 7th 2016

Our Mission

The WCCC is a student-run free clinic based at Weill Cornell Medicine Medical College that provides high-quality, accessible and coordinated medical, psychiatric and women’s services to uninsured adults throughout New York City. Our goal is to extend healthcare access to underserved populations, while also encouraging the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy among our students, faculty, and staff.

We provide our patients with preventive care, age-appropriate screening, and referrals to specialty and mental health services. All of these are provided at low or no cost to our patients, who make less than 400% of the federal poverty limit. We also provide insurance and social work screening to ensure that all patient needs are met, and to encourage access to the healthcare system.

We currently hold our medicine clinic once a week, and women’s health and psychiatry clinic every 2 weeks. Last year we had approximately 300 patient visits to the WCCC. In the coming year, we hope both to increase the number of patients we serve and to continue expanding the number of services we can provide to our patients. In order to meet these goals, however, we must raise more funds.

Our annual operating costs are approximately between $30,000-50,000. While most of these are covered by in-kind donations – time donated by our wonderful physician volunteers, clinic space loaned to us by Cornell Internal Medicine Associates, and negotiated rates for in-network referrals – our effective annual operating costs are cover medication reimbursements for patients and specialty care visits and services.

In 2016, we are focusing on improving the quality of follow-up care for our patients, as well as setting up efficient transitions to insurance under the Affordable Care Act. We are also doing quality improvement of our infrastructure and incorporating patient education into our clinic. We are also celebrating our 10th year anniversary at the Weill Cornell Community Clinic!

We hope that, like us, you believe that all people deserve access to healthcare, that a person’s income should not determine the quality of their health, and that no one should have to wait to go to the doctor because they are unable to pay.


If you would simply like to donate to the Weill Cornell Community Clinic, please follow this link. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Special Thanks

We thank Dr. Pamela Charney, Dr. Patricia Yarberry-Allen, Kerri Flandina, Chantel Gooding, Clara Cullen-Sharp, Emily Snider, and members of the WCCC WASN Board, whose outstanding generosity helped initiate and organize a successful "Without a Safety Net" fundraiser.

Event Board: Melissa Rusli, Amanda Kahn, Anis Rashid, Ashley Eberhart, Adi Rajagopalan, Joseph Koerwer, Gabrielle Paladino, Brian Heller, Sharon Casola, Rose Dugan, Dino Xenos, Nicole Noonan, Kyle Kirschner, Vickie Kassapidis, Jojo Banga, Esther Dornhelm, Kyle Morse, Alston Gremillion, Dana Babij, German Zhivotenko, Daniel Berger, Caitlin Snow, and Ernst Pierre

Stay Tuned

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