Without a Safety Net

An Event to Raise Funds to Support the Weill Cornell Community Clinic

Our benefit’s theme is inspired by our patients, whose stories of determination and resilience in the face of being uninsured continue to move us. Proceeds from this benefit will not only support the clinic, but also help us raise awareness about the issues faced by our city’s underserved.

The event features an exhibition of works by artists who were also inspired by the themes and stories emerging from our clinic. We hope you can join us in our mission by supporting the event, our clinic, and our patients.

Thank you for making our March 22, 2013 fundraiser a success!

Over $40,000 Raised

"Proceeds will pay for nearly 6 months of patient care. That makes a big difference – both in the lives of our patients and in the lives of students who learn about the challenges of caring for the uninsured by volunteering with the clinic.”

- Megan Riddle, MD-PhD Student and Co-director of the WCCC.

Recognizing Our Supporters

All of your kind donations, both large and small, helped us exceed our fundraising goal. On behalf of our patients and volunteers, please accept our sincere gratitude!

Our Mission

The WCCC is a student-run clinic based at Weill Cornell Medical College that provides high-quality, accessible and coordinated medical, psychiatric and women’s services to uninsured adults throughout New York City. Our goal is to extend healthcare access to underserved populations, while also encouraging the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy among our students, faculty, and staff.

We provide our patients with preventive care, age-appropriate screening, and referrals to specialty and mental health services. All of these are provided at low or no cost to our patients, who make less than 400% of the federal poverty limit. We also provide insurance and social work screening to ensure that all patient needs are met.

We currently hold our medicine clinic once a week and psychiatry and women’s health clinics every 3 to 4 weeks. Last year we had approximately 400 patient visits to the WCCC. In the coming year, we hope both to increase the number of patients we serve and to continue expanding the number of services we can provide to our patients. In order to meet these goals, however, we must raise more funds.

Our annual operating costs are approximately $250,000. While most of these are covered by in-kind donations – time donated by our wonderful physician volunteers, clinic space loaned to us by Cornell Internal Medicine Associates, and negotiated rates for in-network referrals – our effective annual operating costs are upwards of $50,000.

In 2012, we hope to reach more patients by doubling the number of clinic nights offered each year. In order to achieve this goal, we need your help and support. We hope that, like us, you believe that all people deserve access to healthcare, that a person’s income should not determine the quality of their health, and that no one should have to wait to go to the doctor because they are unable to pay.

Special Thanks

We thank Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen, Elissa Iberti, Deanna Breglia, Clara Cullen and members of the WCCC Event Board, whose outstanding generosity helped initiate and organize a successful "Without a Safety Net" fundraiser.

We also thank Andy Fischer, Ross Rubino and staff of The Astor Center. And, of course, we thank Mark Grossich, Kenneth McClure, Elpidio Hernandez and staff of Hospitality Holdings

Event Board: Baxter Allen, Joshua Blair, Matuya Brand, Stephen Cardinal, Alissa Clarke, Stephanie Cohen, Alexander Ellis, Tyler Gottlieb, Jessica Holsey, Piero Iberti, Joey Khalid,Genevieve Kinney, Philip Lang, Brooke Marrone, Garrett McIntyre, Natasha Mehta, Elizabeth Milbank and Michael Sobel, Christine Miranda, Meghan Murphy, Christina Pryor, Julia Radice, Carroll and Stephan Ratpojanakul, Anthony Rossi, Rachel Sam, Damon Silver, Ben Solarz, Elina Tetelbaum

Stay Tuned

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