Platelet Biology

Abstract close up scan of cellular tissue
Scanning electron micrograph of a blood vessel wall interacting with adherent platelets.

Platelets are small, circulating cells that are involved in essential processes such as blood clotting, vascular integrity, growth factor action and inflammation. Scientists in our center are focused on novel research directions dealing with regulation of blood clotting, platelet generation and role of platelets in normal and disease states such as heart disease, cancer and inflammation.

Katherine Amberson Hajjar, MD

Brine Family Professor and Chair
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
Phone: 212-746-2034

Aaron J. Marcus, PhD

Professor of Medicine
Professor of Medicine in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Phone: 212-686-7500

Steven Gross, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology
Director of the Mass Spectrometry Core Facility
Phone: 212-746-6257

Shahin Rafii, MD

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Arthur Belfer Professor of Genetic Medicine
Director: Ansary Stem Cell Center for Regenerative Medicine
Department of Genetic Medicine
Division of Vascular Hematology-Oncology
Phone: 212-746-2286