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Welcome to the Weill Cornell Medicine Research Compliance Training Program

The Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) Office Research Compliance (ORC), in the Finance Department is committed to facilitating research activities in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. We believe that our commitment starts with education and training of our faculty, students, and staff involved with research. Therefore the ORC, in partnership with Health Care Compliance Strategies, has developed a training program to assist WCM employees in the day-to-day processes of research administration. This program is intended to address both institutional and statutory requirements that arise in the grant application process. All key personnel, investigators, faculty, department administrators, and divisional administrators must complete all mandatory sections of the program in order to be compliant.

All modules of the program are web-based and accessible using your cwid. The focus of the program is learning and understanding processes as opposed to memorizing text. This aspect of adult learning theory will continue to be an essential component of our education and training initiatives. In light of the changing nature of research compliance the ORC will make updates to this program as necessary and requires employees to take the Research Compliance Training program at least every four years. The ORC will also utilize other means of communication such as the RASP Advisor newsletter, broadcast e-mails and network meetings to update employees of any changes as needed.

If you have any difficulty with accessing the courseware, please review for details on system requirements for the PCs to be used to access the courseware.

Off-network or off-site users can access the course-ware through

Some additional tips are available at:

If you have any questions please contact the Office of Research Compliance at (646) 962- 3639.

(Please note: if you're working from a PC desktop, we recommend that PC users use Internet Explorer to complete the training)

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