Effort Tracking System

Effort Reporting and Tracking Plan [PDF]

Login to the Effort Tracking System

WCM has an obligation to provide accurate and ethical stewardship of grant funds and the Office of Research Compliance (ORC) is dedicated to serving the WCM research community by ensuring that this takes place.

The ORC, with significant input from faculty and administrators, has developed a system called the Effort Tracking System (ETS). The ETS is a centralized repository of information on personnel's Committed Effort, Actual Effort and Other Activities. WCM subscribes to a plan confirmation system for certifying effort with the federal government.

The ETS should be used to record fluctuations in effort throughout a fiscal year so the year end certification and quarterly informational reports using SAP can be more accurately reported. It therefore makes keeping track of and reporting effort more efficient for PI's and administrators, and its use is required by WCM for all departments.

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