Full-time Postdoctoral trainees who hold the title of Postdoctoral Associate, Fellow or Visiting Fellow are eligible for college housing, which is run by the Housing Office. Please download the Policy on Postdoctoral Trainee Housing and the Postdoctoral Trainee Housing Application for complete information and instructions on Weill Cornell Medical College Postdoctoral Trainee Housing. It is strongly recommended that you apply as early as possible for housing.

Postdoctoral trainees are accommodated in the Southtown Residence on Roosevelt Island or in the Riverwalk building on Roosevelt Island. Roosevelt Island, in the East River, is accessbible by subway or tram and is a 35-minute commute to/from the college. By car, the island is only accessible from Queens, as there is no bridge from the island to Manhattan. The college sponsors a free shuttle bus from the college to the Southtown residence in the evening, please contact the housing office for an up-to-date schedule.

Generally, single postdocs share two or three bedroom apartments. They are also eligible for studios, but the rent is usually too high to be paid by a typical postdoctoral stipend. A rough estimation of rental fees can be found on the housing office website, but there are apartments that are more expensive than listed. Please be aware that an applicant will only get one offer for housing and individuals who decline a legitimate offer will be removed from the housing list and may not reapply for a period of six months at which time they will be re-prioritized. Therefore, it is possible you could get an offer for housing that is more expensive than you can comfortably afford.

Married couples, domestic partners and families qualify for studios and one or two bedroom apartments, depending on family size. Family housing eligibility criteria and priority designations have been developed. Interested applicants may download the Family Housing Policy and the Weill Cornell Medical College Affidavit for Family Housing.

Renting an apartment outside Weill Cornell Medical College housing is also a possibility. Although some real estate offices may have restrictive requests in terms of income or credit history, some landlords are willing to rent their apartments to employees of the Weill Cornell Medical College . Please contact the housing office for assistance if you want to explore this option.

If you already have a good credit history, you can look for more affordable apartments yourself. While the Upper East Side tends to be pricey, there are opportunities in nearby neighborhoods, or anywhere accessible to the F, 4/5/6, or N/Q/R trains. Use internet platfroms such as Padmapper to look for offers. If you don't have an American credit history yet because you are an international scholar, you can try to find a room in a shared apartment, but be aware of possible scams and fraud on platforms such as Craigslist. You can also try offering to pay a higher security deposit (the usual is one month's rental fee) to make up for the increased risk the landlord is taking.