Grievance Policy

The Weill Cornell Medical College Employee Complaint and Grievance Procedures apply to all regular, non-academic staff who have successfully completed the probationary period. Probationary employees may only file a grievance when the complaint involves illegal discrimination.

Grievance Procedures are for use when an employee feels he/she has been treated in a manner that violates Weill Cornell Medical College policy or procedures or in a manner that violates federal or state law. An employee may choose to act alone in any step of the Grievance Procedures or may be accompanied by a co-worker, legal counsel, or a personal friend or advisor. If the employee decides to bring a third party to any meeting outlined in the procedures, the employee is expected to present his/her own case and views without the assistance of the third party or the third party interjecting their views or opinions into the proceedings.

An employee may not be discriminated or retaliated against for pursuing a grievance or for supporting a co-worker's right to bring a grievance. If an employee alleges such activity has occurred, a separate complaint may be initiated at Step II of the Grievance Procedures.

Time limits established by these procedures may be extended by mutual agreement. If the employee fails to observe the time limits in any step, the grievance will be considered resolved to the employee's satisfaction. If Weill Cornell Medical College fails to observe the time limits, the employee may request moving the complaint to the next step.