Career Pathways Seminars

Weill Cornell Medical College postdocs are invited to attend all of the Graduate School's Career Pathways seminars. The program is designed to help graduate students and postdocs explore career options, navigate today's job market, and learn the nuances of networking. Approximately once a month a different biomedical professional is invited to speak about career opportunities for science PhDs within the fields of academia, law, public policy, finance, and communications among others.

The Career Pathways seminars serve as a venue for postdocs to network with the guest speakers, other postdocs and graduate students to make valuable contacts. They also serve as ideal recruitment opportunities. Postdocs are notified of these special seminars via email.

If you are an alumnus and would like to give a Career Pathway Seminar, please contact Francoise Freyre in the Graduate School at This is a great opportunity to revisit friends and labs while helping current postdocs and graduate students learn more about the options available to them after leaving Weill Cornell Medical College.

For a schedule of upcoming programs, please see our Calendar of Events