Postdoctoral Alumni

Leaving Weill Cornell Medical College shouldn't mean forgetting your experience here. We offer many resources for our Postdoctoral Alumni to keep in touch with former scientists while continuing to network with current scientists. Below are a few of the ways you can continue to be a part of the Weill Cornell Medical College community:


Make sure to also join our LinkedIn network to keep in touch with current and former scientists from Weill Cornell Medical College. This online professional group allows Postdocs to network with other Weill Cornell Medical College scientists and keep in touch with former coworkers.

Career Pathways

The Graduate School's Career Pathway seminars program helps graduate students and postdocs explore career options, navigate today's job market, and learn the nuances of networking. Each month a different biomedical professional is invited to speak about career opportunities for science PhDs within the fields of academia, law, public policy, finance, and communications among others. Recent speakers have included representatives from the Boston Consulting Group and from the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research.

If you are interested in giving a Career Pathways Seminar, please contact Francoise Freye in the Graduate School at