Appointment Guidelines

Postdocs at Weill Cornell Medical College are appointed with one of the following titles: Postdoctoral Associate In (Department), Fellow In (Department), or Visiting Fellow In (Department). Postdocs are appointed in one year terms for no more than five years. In special cases, a sixth term may be granted with permission of the Dean in order to complete any remaining research. For more specific details on titles and terms of appointment, click here.

Postdoctoral trainees are appointed to the non-faculty academic staff according to the guidelines in section 5 of the Academic Staff Handbook.   Requests for appointments for postdoctoral trainees must be sent to the Office of Faculty Affairs and must include the following documents in order: 
(You may wish to keep this checklist for your records.)

  1. Recommendation for Appointment form

    The form must be dated and signed by the Chair. Indicate type of appointment: New, Promotion, Reappointment, etc.

  2. Letter of recommendation from Chair to Dean.

    Please note that a single letter of recommendation from the Chair may be submitted to recommend a large number of individuals to the same training position with the same effective date on the basis of established and consistent criteria.

  3. Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography

    Must be in Weill Cornell Medical College format, must be signed & dated. Template can be found in the box on the righthand side of this page.

  4. One letter of recommendation from a previous employer or academic evaluator.

Must be the original, not a copy.

  5. An offer letter to the appointee from the Chair

    Template offer letters can be found under "Document Drafts" on the OFA web site. Note: Before sending letter to appointee, a draft of the letter should be sent to the Office of Faculty Affairs for approval. Once returned to you, place on Chair's stationery for signature).

  6. Letter of Recommendation letter from Supervisor (e.g. PI) to Chair Academic Employment Form.

    Confirm that the proposed salary for the postdoctoral trainee conforms to the Minimum Stipend Policy. Send to

Additional steps when appointing new postdoctoral trainees:

  1. Housing application
    If appointee desires to live in Weill Cornell Medical College housing, an application can be downloaded from the Housing Department website.The application should be sent via email to Maureen Kelly.
  2. Visa application
    If appointee is not a US citizen or green card holder, contact Immigration if you have questions.  Otherwise, J-1 Exchange Visitors and H-1B Specialty Occupation Workers forms can be downloaded. Scan signed RFA and offer letter and send to Immigration via e-mail for all appointees who require a Visa.