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Academic Applicant Search Plan and Applicant Data Forms

To support Weill Cornell Medicine’s efforts to provide equal opportunities for employment and advancement within the institution, the recruitment and hiring process for academic roles has recently been revised. Please follow the steps below to recruit and hire new, regularly employed academic staff members (faculty and non-faculty) in accordance with WCM’s Affirmative Action Policy. The new process utilizes WCM’s new Recruitment Management System. In all cases, refer to the "Affirmative Action" section of the Academic Staff Handbook for the complete policy language.

  1. Consult with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on recommendations for recruitment sources for your candidate search. (Tel: 646-962-9916 or

  2. Submit the "Academic Applicant Search Plan" to Elizabeth Omondi ( to be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. Be sure that both parts I and II are completed.

  3. Initiate a position requisition with Human Resources by submitting a request in the Personnel Actions section of My Workspace. It will be routed to your Department Administrator for approval. You will then receive a notification when it's ready for you to provide a few final position details in the Recruitment Management System (RMS). (NOTE: This process replaces the Academic Employment Form.)

  4. You will receive an email from HR with a private posting link. Please share this link with candidates you plan to interview so they can provide important self-identification information. (NOTE: This process replaces the Voluntary Applicant Self-Identification Form and the Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Form.)

  5. Once the department selects the final candidate, you will need to disposition all candidates in the RMS who you did not hire. You will move them to the "Rejection" step in the RMS and select the reason why. (This process replaces the Academic Applicant Data Log.)

  6. Retain all documents in your department for your records.

If you began conducting interviews before June 2017 and have completed Voluntary Applicant Self-Identification Forms, Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability Forms, and Academic Applicant Data Logs, please submit them to the Office of Faculty Affairs along with your academic appointment documentation.

Click here for the Academic Applicant Search Plan and Applicant Data Forms

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