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Office of Faculty Affairs


The Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) serves the academic staff of the College in several ways. It provides guidance in the preparation of faculty dossiers for appointment, promotion, and tenure actions and implements guidelines for the appointment and promotion of all academic staff. The OFA determines college-wide schedules for submission of all recommendations for appointment and alerts departments to deadlines and procedures. It reviews all recommendations for appropriateness and credentials before processing, and supervises routing of all reviewed recommendations to the proper offices and/or governing bodies with the appropriate correspondence. The OFA orients new faculty and administrators as to guidelines and policies and serves as liaison with the University Academic Personnel Office and the Secretary to Board of Trustees.

Through continuing communication with department chairs, administrators and academic staff at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) as well as affiliate institutions, the OFA plays a role in enforcing academic policies. The OFA monitors the current status of academic staff members, proposes departmental review of academic staff members for promotion, tenure, or other action and solicits recommendations for such reviews. It hosts periodic meetings of departmental administrators to discuss appointment issues and participates, on request, in the orientation of new administrators involved in the appointment process. As part of its information systems management, OFA designs various reports needed to monitor the status of the faculty and provide data as required. It provides information on request and responds to questions from department chairs and staff, as well as institutions.

The OFA provides a support system for faculty who serve in clinical, teaching, and research roles and is available to respond to faculty and staff members' questions and concerns about their College appointments. It disseminates faculty-related information, which is documented in the Academic Staff Handbook (ASH).

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