Referring Physicians

We are dedicated to assisting neurologists and physicians within the community in the diagnosis and care of their patients. Comprehensive consultations for diagnostic and/or treatment questions are conducted by one of the attending MS specialists. Referring physicians may request one-time consultations, short-term consultations or assumption of care. The MS Center commonly fulfills requests to evaluate patients for:

  • Atypical findings on MRI
  • Confirmation of a MS diagnosis
  • Ascertainment of treatment efficacy in an established patient
  • Review of treatment options
  • Discussion of adverse events associate with MS biologic and pharmacologic therapies
  • Family/Genetic counseling in multiplex families
  • Discussion of clinical trials
  • Advanced diagnostic testing (High field MRI, OCT, PET)
  • Rehabilitative medicine

We understand the sense of urgency and psychological stress within a patient with suspected MS, and thus every effort is made to evaluate patients within one week of the referral. The referring physician will receive a copy of the complete evaluation.

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