Why Choose the Jaffe Center?

Our team of clinicians are experts in the fields of immunology and neurology to treat MS and related demyelinating diseases. The Judith Jaffe MS Center is dedicated to prevent the progression of MS in patients and has recently taken major efforts aimed at promoting myelin regeneration. Our research is devoted to the development of highly specific imaging techniques to visualize myelin, axons, and inflammation. This is part of our overall strategy to promote myelin repair.

We take a comprehensive approach to the treatment of MS and are attentive to the complex medical and social needs of our patients. Our patient services include: neurological consultations, on-site infusion facilities, general nursing care, mental health and social services support. A full time social worker assists patients with services from counseling to government agency medical filing.

The MS Center offers advanced diagnostic procedures to monitor disease progression and guide treatment decisions. This includes on-site high resolution MRI imaging and optical coherence tomography (OCT) facilities. Our clinical research program provides patient access to novel MS treatments. Using the most advanced technologies available, we are one of the only centers in the United States with molecular imaging to measure disease progression.

In addition to the care provided within the MS Center, we collaborate in direct referrals to specialists in the fields of neuro-ophthalmology, urology, physical rehabilitation, and pain management. These consulting physicians are committed to MS patient care. We offer to all patients a truly multidisciplinary approach.

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