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The Female Association for Clinicians, Educators, and Scientists (FACES)


Annual Welcome Event – The highlight event of the year, each summer, FACES welcomes the incoming class of women over brunch or tea, and the new and current students get to know each other in a casual setting.

Spring and Winter Mixers – These events provide an opportunity to catch up with other members of the organization and to unwind at the end of each yearly turning point.

Faculty Lunches – Women from the program have the opportunity to have lunch with female physician-scientists from around the three institutions through this new initiative. We have focused on meeting with young faculty who have been able to articulate their path and answer questions relevant to early career decision making. Thanks to Dr. Ping Chi and Dr. Christine Leslie for meeting with us!

Retreat Breakout Session – Each year, at the Tri-Institutional MD/PhD Retreat, FACES has a breakout session to discuss career related issues, talk science, and catch up with students across years of the program.

Interview Dinners – As part of student recruitment, FACES hosts a dinner the evening prior to interviews to get to know applicants interviewing for the program.

Mentorship Activities – FACES also provides opportunities for students to become mentors to high school and college students. FACES has an ongoing relationship with the Cathedral High School health sciences curriculum and participates in an annual panel for high school HPREP (Health Professionals and Recruitment Exposure Program) students. FACES also meets with the Gateways to the Lab college summer students over lunch to discuss life in an MD/PhD program.

Greengard Prize Brunch and Lecture – Along with other women’s organization around the Tri-Institutional Campus, FACES members are invited to enjoy a brunch with the winner of the Greengard Prize each year. This prize recognizes the achievements of outstanding women in biomedical science, and the event is an opportunity to discuss both science and non-science topics with leaders in the field.

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