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Tri-I MD-PhD Student Spotlight: Alex Perez (6th Year)

Check out our new video of the series on Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Student Spotlights!

This week, we interview Alex Perez, who'll be defending his PhD thesis next week, on August 31!

Alex decided on becoming a physician-scientist late in the admissions cycle, tuning out the "nay sayers" as he charted his own path. He is technology driven (he edits all of these interviews!) and is a seasoned Big Sib (peer mentor) in the Gateways to the Laboratory Program for undergraduates interested in becoming physician-scientists. In addition to his own journey, he discusses what it was like to see his mentee matriculate into the Tri-I MD-PhD Program.

Stay tuned for more Student Spotlight interviews in the near future!

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