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Dr. Olaf S. Andersen, 2017 National Recipient of Bert. I Shapiro Award

Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program Director, Dr. Olaf S. Andersen, was awarded the Bert I. Shapiro Award at the National Association of MD-PhD Programs in Washington, D.C. on July 18, 2017. The Bert Shapiro award is the highest award in the nation recognizing an "individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions to physician-scientist training." Dr. Shapiro, the "longtime NIH MSTP Director who encouraged collaboration among MD-PhD programs" was there to honor Dr. Olaf Andersen with the award in front of all of the directors and administrators of MD-PhD Programs from around the country. Dr. Andersen received a plaque, and the Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program was awarded $500 in Dr. Andersen's name.

Congratulations, Dr. Andersen!

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