WebVPN provides remote web-based access to WCMC web resources such as online library journals, the Weill Business Gateway (WBG), and the WCMC intranet. WebVPN is preferable to traditional VPN services because software does not need to be installed, making it an easy and secure way to access WCMC resources from internet cafes or free WiFi providers.

WebVPN can be accessed at https://webvpn.med.cornell.edu.

If you would like to learn more about how to use WebVPN, please view our job aid.


The following groups at Weill Cornell can access WebVPN:

  • WCMC faculty
  • WCMC staff
  • WCMC students
  • Residents at NewYork-Presbyterian's East Campus

In addition, these special affiliate groups can also access WebVPN for a nominal fee:

  • Fellows at the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)
  • WCMC research affiliates

If you would like access to WebVPN, but are unsure if you fall into one of these categories, please contact the Service Desk at 212-746-4878 or support@med.cornell.edu

What Is Included

Remote Access to web-based resources that are only accessible from within the WCMC network. A few examples include:


Please see our current pricing for WebVPN.