myPassword FAQ

Q: What is the Weill Cornell Medical College password policy?

A: Please refer to our Password Policy page for more information.

Q: What is 'myPassword'?

A: myPassword is a system for changing and synchronizing your Center Wide ID (CWID) password and allows you to reset your password, even if you have forgotten it. myPassword does this by asking you to create a series of questions that can be used in place of a password to verify your identity. Once your identity has been verified, the system will automatically prompt you to change your password to something you know.

If you also have a user account at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP), updates you make in myPassword will automatically apply to both your NYP and WCMC accounts. For example, if you use both Epic and Eclipsys, you can change your password at the WCMC myPassword web page and it will automatically change for both your Epic and Eclipsys logins.

Q: Which applications are affected by myPassword?

A: Most applications that require your CWID for access are managed by myPassword. Your access to these programs depends on your affiliation with WCMC and NYP.

Q: I'm a NewYork-Presbyterian employee with access to systems at WCMC. Where should I change my password? What systems will be affected?

A: You can change your password at either the WCMC myPassword page or the NewYork-Presbyterian myPassword web page. Any system requiring your CWID which you have access to will be affected.

Q: I went through the myPassword setup, and now I've forgotten my actual password. What do I do?

A: Go to myPassword. On the first screen, enter your CWID and click the 'Login' button. On the next screen, click the 'Answer My Private Questions' button. Answer the questions presented on the next screen correctly and you will be brought to the password change screen where you can change your password to something you know. If you've forgotten the answers to your to your questions, contact the ITS Service Desk to have your password reset.

Q: Can I choose not to fill in the private questions portion of myPassword?

A: No. We use these questions to help identify you if you forget your password.

Q: How long will it be before I have to change my password again?

A: Passwords should be changed at least every three months. Your previous three passwords may not be reused. An email reminder will be sent to you as the time to change your password draws near.

Q: How will changing my password affect my Outlook email and calendar?

A: Once you change your password, you will likely have to provide the new password to Outlook. In most cases, you will only be prompted to put in your new password once.

Q: Can I opt out of the myPassword system?

A: You cannot opt out of the myPassword system. WCMC is required by policy and good security practice to ensure that passwords are hard to guess and changed regularly.

Q: Will I get a record that I changed my password?

A: Yes, upon changing your password you will receive an email that indicates the successful change.

Q: What if I forget my password and the answers to my private questions?

A: You can call the ITS Service Desk at 212-746-4878 to have your password reset using additional steps.

Q: I've already changed my password in the last six months. Do I have to change it again?

A: Yes. We encourage users to change their password to ensure your account is setup in the new myPassword system and that you have set up your private questions and answers to reset your password if you forget it.