EpicCare is a sophisticated application that has been designed to perform most of the patient care activities that occur in the outpatient setting, including visit documentation, order-entry, results review/notification, and secure electronic messaging. The system stores clinical information in a powerful database that can be used for research and reporting. For more information on Epic, please visit http://intranet.weillcornell.org/epiccare

What Is Included

  • Access to the EpicCare system upon successful completion of training
  • Instant access to patient records whenever and wherever care is provided throughout the community clinic system
  • Remote access from home through the Virtual Private Network (VPN ) client or the 'myDesktop' browser
  • Ability to access support or submit help requests through EpicCare InBasket functionality
  • Close patient charts with the appropriate billing information and have it sent electronically to GECB, the billing system
  • Cost

    Price varies on size and complexity