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Fidelity Checklists

Fidelity Checklists for the LST Middle School program can help teachers recognize whether they are covering the right material and teaching the program properly. Each session of LST has its own fidelity checklist specific to that session. Therefore, there are 15 fidelity checklists for the first year of LST, to correspond the the 15 sessions in Year 1.

We will send you fidelity checklists to correspond to your implementation plan and schedule so that you will receive the checklist the week prior to implementing that session.  You can use the checklist prior to the session as a guide to the most important things to cover.  We will ask you to complete an online version of each fidelity checklist in the days after you have implemented the session.  We will send you an email with an internet link to complete the relevant fidelity checklist.



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Email us at: STEPS@med.cornell.edu

Below are links to the LST Fidelity Checklists for your convenience. Each link below leads to a PDF version of each individual checklist.

  1. Self-Image & Self-Improvement

  2. Making Decisions

  3. Smoking: Myths & Realities

  4. Smoking & Biofeedback

  5. Alcohol: Myths & Realities

  6. Marijuana: Myths & Realities

  7. Advertising

  8. Violence & The Media

  9. Coping With Anxiety

  10. Coping With Anger

  11. Communication Skills

  12. Social Skills (A)

  13. Social Skills (B)

  14. Assertiveness

  15. Resolving Conflicts