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Classroom Assessments

In order to evaluate students' knowledge and skill comprehension in each of the Level 1 Life Skills Training Units, we provide these optional instructions and tools. Teachers' should feel free to adapt the tools for their students' learning abilities and needs.

As a first step, teachers may want to keep track of the quality and/or breadth of understanding of the concepts of the homework assignments, along with the quality of classroom participation. We suggest that teachers document the following for each student after each session:

Quantity of Homework Completion (4 points)


No components


Some components


Most Components


All Components

Quality of Homework Completion (4 points)









Participation Assessment (1 point)

Students may earn one point per session for classroom participation in facilitated discussions.

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Unit Assessments

These classroom assessments are available for each unit of the LST Middle School program. Unit assessments include short answer questions to assess cognitive learning. Skill assessments measure the extent to which the learners demonstrated the key components of the skill during coaching or behavioral rehearsal practice. Below are links to the LST Classroom Assessments for your convenience. Each link below leads to a PDF version of each assessment.

  1. Self-Image & Self-Improvement

  2. Making Decisions

  3. Smoking: Myths & Realities

  4. Smoking & Biofeedback

  5. Alcohol: Myths & Realities

  6. Marijuana: Myths & Realities

  7. Advertising

  8. Violence & The Media

  9. Coping With Anxiety

  10. Coping With Anger

  11. Communication Skills

  12. Social Skills (A)

  13. Social Skills (B)

  14. Assertiveness

  15. Resolving Conflicts