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Recent Projects

Please visit the Weill Cornell Project Map Database to learn more about student, faculty, and resident global health projects.

Weill Cornell's International Programs include research and health care in the developed and developing world, with ongoing projects in Brazil, Haiti and other countries. While most programs are are located in the developing world, the medical school has several relationships with medical schools and hospitals in Copenhagen, London, Munich, Paris, Vienna, and Sydney.

Students participating in the international programs in Mexico and in Central and South America are strongly advised to take a Spanish course before applying. Having some proficiency in Spanish is often a prerequisite for some programs in these countries.

Selected Projects

Austria - Rural healthcare
Bolivia - Rural Health Care
Brazil - Gynecology, Infectious Diseases
Costa Rica - Cardiology, Rural Health Care
Ecuador - Pediatrics
Ghana - Infectious Diseases
Guatemala - Rural Primary Care
Haiti - AIDS, Tuberculosis
Honduras - Public Health
India - Rural Health, Ophthalmology, Infectious Disease
Kenya - Substance abuse, AIDS education, Malaria
Malawi - Infectious Diseases
Mexico - Pediatrics, Reproductive health
Peru - Hypertension, Chronic Diseases
South Africa - Woman's Health, Rural Health Care, Malaria, HIV
Tanzania - infectious Diseases
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