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Intercampus Transfer of Materials

If a Weill Cornell or an Ithaca researcher wishes to provide materials to a Cornell researcher on the other campus, special provisions may or may not be necessary. Please review the procedures described below and summarized in the attached flow chart.

Existing Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

If the materials have been obtained under a Material Transfer Agreement from a third party, it will be necessary for the office of sponsored programs* of the sending campus to provide the agreement to the office of sponsored programs of the receiving campus so that the MTA may be transmitted with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and recorded and distributed on the other campus. Often it is not necessary for a new agreement to be executed with the third-party, as many agreements are written to cover the entire institution. Please contact your local Grant and Contract Officer (OSP or RASP) for further assistance.

Subject to Compliances

If the materials are not covered by an existing Material Transfer Agreement, please ensure that the receiving PI has addressed any necessary compliances (Institutional Biosafety, IRB, IACUC, etc.**) prior to shipping the material. The receiving PI would contact the appropriate office (see or, or contact Juan Torres, JD, MTA Manager, Weill Cornell, Phone: 212-821-0954 and E-mail: for additional information). No agreement is required beyond ensuring that compliances are maintained on the sending campus.

Faculty Agreements

Whether or not there is an existing MTA or issues around compliances, the researchers should discuss any conditions (e.g. use, duration, disposal, credit, etc.) associated with the provision of the materials. The central research offices do not normally participate in intra-institutional arrangements between faculty members.

* Cornell Ithaca's Sponsored Programs Services [OSP) and Weill Cornell's Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP)

** Compliances include: Human Participants (IRB), Animal Use (IACUC), rDBA (IBSC), Biohazard/Radiation (EH&S), Conflict of Interest, Export Controls, Environmental Compliance, rDNA/GMO/Biologic Agents/Toxins (Biosafety), Hazardous Materials