Green Leaders for EarthHour2013

Sign up as a Green Leader for this year's big event.  We need volunteers from across campus for Earth Hour and the Unpower Hour.  Click here to request to become a Green Leader and you can pick up your promotional kit this week.  It is easy and fun to enroll coworkers for both the Earth Hour March 23rd and the WCMC Unpower Hour on March 28th.  Help us by canvassing your work area in the week prior to the event. Enroll participants, hand out free gifts and raffle-off a green shopping bag full of eco-friendly gifts.

This year's green prize raffle bag contains organic chocolate, an organic cookbook and meal planning guide, earth-friendly dish soap, reusable mesh produce bags, a reusable Starbucks cup and much more!

Unpower Leaders pick up a promotional kit with a roster and actively walk around signing up participants for both Earth Hour and the Unpower Hour.  Leaders also hand out tickets as they sign up participants for a raffle for the green gift bag.  Leaders also receive a supply of reusable shopping bags to hand out to the first fellow employees that they get to sign up for the events.

Read a brief summary of this inspiring event, and see this year's offical video highlighting the efforts of the more than 1.8 Billion people who participated last year.

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