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The book that we included in this year’s Earth Hour/Unpower Hour raffle is Go Green, Live Rich by David Bach.  This book outlines simple changes that ‘save the planet’ in the long run and save ‘your hard earned money’ instantly.  The author David Bach is best known for his financial self help books centered on a “Finish Rich” slogan.  In his book Bach gives 50 tips to change small habits.  For each tip he calculates the impact on the planet and gives supporting data to back up his claims. 

But the real contribution here is the data Bach provides showing the annual dollars you save by adopting each change.  Bring your own lunch every day, save about $2,000 per year.  Stop buying water in bottles and save $750 per year.Bach then applies investment formulas to demonstrate what can be done with the small savings over the long term.   The brown bag lunch savings can return a whopping $111,000 over twenty years. 

While recent market activity may not be reflected in some of his investment return assumptions, there is still real money in the savings.  If you can save $750 per year through less consumption and energy savings, that’s like getting a $1,000 raise when you consider the after tax benefits. If you do not win this book in the Unpower Hour raffle check it out from the library, buy it used, or new if you must.

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