Stay caffeinated, stay green.

When the new management from Griffis Faculty Club took over the café on the second floor of 1300, one of their new offerings was coffee for $1 for anyone with a reusable coffee mug. Free refillable coffee mugs were even provided for first and second year medical students and mugs could be purchased by others for a couple of dollars. The strategy was to discourage the use of disposable paper cups by offering greater volumes of less expensive coffee for the environmentally conscious.

Anecdotally, amongst the young student population this seemed to work extremely well for months. However, as people lost or forgot their mugs, it now appears that more people are turning back to disposable paper cups. The Student Green Initiative would like to encourage people to remember their mugs! We remind you that while a small coffee in a paper cup is $1, a larger coffee in your own mug is the same price. What a benefit to both you and the environment! 

More on mugs.


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