More bins for students!

Many medical and graduate students come from large, unified undergraduate campuses that have significant budgets for sustainability initiatives. Thus, most students have grown used to abundant recycling bins peppering every building and walkway. As far as we knew, recyclable waste only needed to be schlepped for five minutes, max, before one could easily chuck it for sorting and recycling. So imagine everyone’s surprise upon arriving at a much smaller institution in a much more urban environment where the challenges to recycling are greater. Limited storage volume and an expensive recycling pickup service have resulted in few opportunities for students to be green with their waste.

Nonetheless, in response to student requests (likely driven by the guilt of having to throw cans and bottles in the trash), the Student Green Initiative has worked with Maintenance and Engineering to expand the number of conveniently located recycling bins around the Medical College and the Housing. There are now clearly labeled paper and plastic/metal bins on the second floor of 1300, where most classes are held, and in the lobbies and lounges of Lasdon Hall and Olin Hall. Hopefully students can again quickly and conveniently dispose of their recyclables like in their good old undergraduate days. 

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