Lunch Less 6,000 Plastic Forks

Nine employees, some pictured above, met in the Garden Cafe on Thursday November 5th to enjoy their lunch with real silverware and cloth napkins and talk about green initiatives across the campus.  Employees saw the Upcoming Event on the Green Home Page and decided to join in.

If the employees around the table keep using their silverware and napkins every working day, they will save over 6,000 plastic knives, forks and spoons and as many napkins from being discarded each year.  Ideally, if all Weill Cornell Medical College employees made the switch, we would prevent over 2,880,000 plastic utensils from ending up in landfills each year.  That would be more than 129,600 pounds of trash in just five years.

The group represented five departments across the campus and each person was involved in green initiatives in their own work area.  Some also volunteer in their communities to support greener living.  During lunch the group discussed many initiatives and all were happy to see some progress.  The NewYork Presbyterian Hospital operates the Garden Cafe, which has recently provided full recycling.  Brita Kube, Department of Psychiatry, noted that Rockefeller University's cafeteria provides all reusable items for a "dine in" option, rather than providing only disposable materials.  The group decided to contact Rockefeller University's cafeteria management to learn how they were able to manage the changes.

If you have changed to greener habits, or are working differently to support a greener campus contact us so that we can share your story.

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