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What is the recycling process at Weill Cornell Medical College?

 If you are working in a college building, then it is expected that you separate paper and cardboard from all other trash.  There are no special recycle bins, you can order any blue bin from the office supply vendors in the SAP sci-quest system. Medical College office areas are not recycling glass, metal or plastic at this time. 

If you are working in NewYork Presbyterian space some areas have already converted to a single multi-type recycle bin.  NYPH staff are visiting areas to get the number of bins required on a building by building basis.  At this time the Infonet has a "how-to-use" guide for the new bins, but keep checking the NYP Green site for further information.

If you are a student in Weill Cornell Medical College housing, then you are required to separate metal, glass, plastic as well as carboard and paper.  Information is available in the residence buildings.

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