Gobo Dining Delight

Anesthesiology Department staffer Marisa Bloch, CRNA talks with us about Gobo, a restaurant specializing in World Vegetarian Cuisine.

Restaurant: Gobo   1426 Third Ave & 81st Street

What's it like?: A great dining atmosphere, simple, spa-like; excellent for an evening meal

Pricing:  Not cheap, but a good value

Favorite dishes:  Pan seared spinach wrapped dumplings, scallion pancakes

This is a great place to try several small plates and share.  I cannot talk enough of about the spinach dumplings, they are 'to die for.'  The GOBO website is very detailed with lots of photos of food and interiors.

If you have tried a restaurant that offers locally grown or vegetarian cuisine, and would like to be interviewed for a review, or write up a review directly for this site please contact Kristen.

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