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Masters Program in Clinical Epidemiology Celebrates First Graduate


Ricardo Riccio and Marcele Brandão inviting a new participant for the study performed at Conde-BA, Brazil.

In June, Ricardo Riccio (PharmD) became the first graduate of Weill Cornell’s Masters of Science in Clinical Epidemiology Program, with a Global Health Track. Ricardo is a pharmacist from Bahia, Brazil where he studies natural resistance to Schistosoma mansoni, a trematode parasite which causes schistosomiasis. The parasite is transmitted to humans through exposure to contaminated water - lakes, ponds, pools of standing water- and can lead to damage of the liver or kidneys. Ricardo discovered a small subset of people living in rural areas of Brazil who appear to be naturally resistant to the parasite. By studying their immune systems, Ricardo is searching for the key that will allow him to develop a vaccine against schistosomiasis. Ricardo is currently working on a post-doc project and his goal is to join the faculty in order to continue with infectious diseases and epidemiological research, as well as to teach epidemiology or immunology at university level.


Ricardo Riccio, Robson Souza and Daniela Costa giving Christmas gifts for people living in a poor village of Conde-BA, Brazil.

 The program in clinical epidemiology, directed by Dr. Mary Charlson, provides physicians and other health care professionals (pharmacists, nurses) with training in clinical research methodology. The global health track has been specifically designed for students from resource poor countries so that they can take intensive courses in New York over 5 months, and conduct their theses in their home country. The goal is to train health care leaders in countries where WCMC is engaged (Brazil, Haiti, India, South Africa, Tanzania). 

Masters of Science Degree Program in Clinical Epidemiology

Ricardo Riccio and the Health Officer Adaliudes da Conceição crossing the bridge to interview people living in a distant village in Conde-BA, Brazil.


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