Overview of Academic Promotion and Tenure Policies

This brief review will assist faculty in career advancement at Weill Cornell. More detailed information is available on the Office of Faculty Affairs website All policies for academic appointment, promotion and tenure are fully documented in the College’s Academic Staff Handbook, which is the primary reference.

Faculty appointments are organized based on one of two tracks and around the area of excellence (or specific focus of the faculty member).

If you devote most of your effort to Academic Achievement and Scholarship, you would pursue promotion on the Academic Achievement and Scholarship Pathway in any of the three areas:

  • Clinician Scholar - Clinical Expertise and Innovation
  • Research Scholar - Investigation
  • Educational Scholar – Educational Leadership

If you devote most of your effort to Excellence in Clinical Care, Teaching, or Investigation with less emphasis on scholarship, you would pursue promotion on the Excellence Pathway.

  • Clinician Excellence - Clinical Expertise and Innovation
  • Excellence in Investigation - Investigation

Promotion Timeline

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Faculty are expected to meet annually with their Chair or designee to review the activities of the prior year. This review process, should include a review of the annual faculty review data submitted online by the faculty member and offers an important opportunity to discuss mentorship, work-life balance, recent accomplishments and progress towards promotion.

Review for promotion begins at the Department level, typically by a Departmental review process. Departments are encouraged to review Assistant Professors in their third year for progress towards promotion. The Departmental Committee of Review will formally review each faculty member in their fifth year, and recommendations for promotion are then forwarded to the Office of Faculty Affairs to prepare the dossier for review by the College-wide Committee of Review (CoR). Once approved by the CoR, the Faculty Councils and Dean will review to finalize the promotion.